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an original "why did you bother me at all"

Viva Las Vegas 21


"Another top highlight was Kyle Eldridge &the Rhythm Rounders. Kyle looks like a 12 year old Hank Williams, but picks guitar like a 40 year old Deke Dickerson, and sings like Gene O'Quinn! We found out that Kyle's actually 27, and is the drummer in Crazy Joe Tritchler's band!"

-Blue Suede News


"randy Lynn Rag" Joe Maphis version

Hillbillyfest 2018


"Kyle Eldridge is the hottest new picker around! Whether pulverizing a rockabilly boogie, doing true justice to an old Bob Wills classic, or pulling off spectacular guitar feats that would make Joe Maphis smile, Kyle and his crack band the Rhythm Rounders are an act you'll hate to miss!"  -Crazy Joe Trischler

"Shades of Town Hall Party Memories of Joe Maphis, Merle Travis, and myself..Passing the torch, Carrying on the tradition so proud of my nephew Dakota Collins on bass, Chris Story Drums, Kyle Eldridge Guitar, The Rhythm Rounders "
-Larry Collins

"I love it when he starts singing because it's like, "Oh my God! He's a 1954 Starday record in person"    - Deke Dickerson


"i just can't live that fast anymore" 

The Nashville palace

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